Thursday, November 21, 2013

I made it! I've officially been "flip flops on the ground" for just over a 2 weeks now and so far everything has been much easier than I anticipated. I heard horror stories, but no one questioned my one way ticket, customs was a breeze, and the apartment l found on facebook but hadn't seen pictures of was perfect! My barrel arrived after some delay due to weather and everything I packed made it without breaking. So I'm here for 6 months to make sure this is really what i I want, and if everything works out my husband will join me. Moving alone was not ideal and I really miss my family, but the people here are wonderful. So far I've managed to get a phone, set up my art studio, get butane delivered, get acquainted with my new town and I'm slowly learning to just "be". I'm excited about the future here in beautiful Belize!

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