Monday, January 21, 2013

Going Back

We Have Tickets!!

It's been a while since I've posted here, but trust me, I've been doing a ton of research!  Moving to Belize is not just a dream, or even a goal for me ~ it's like a magnetic pull that I have absolutely no strength to resist.  

What I've learned so far is that the majority of the information readily available online and in print is horribly out of date.  So we bought some plane tickets and we're going back to do some "on the ground" research.  Which will likely be a lot more accurate and will definitely be a lot more fun!

We'll be spending the month of May traveling the country. There will be lots of posts coming up on everything from how to pack for a month on the road with just a backpack, to up to date info on budget traveling and every thing I can learn about moving there.

Despite what some backpacking sites will tell you, underwear is NOT optional in my pack!  So I'll be showing you an in depth list of what we take (and don't take) and yes, we've done it twice before so I know we can. This time I intend to pare it down to as little as possible (while still taking the underwear!) because I do know how heavy that thing will feel halfway through the trip.

Before you get the impression that we're silver spoon trust fund babies, I should probably do a post on finances, because really, we're just average Joes with average jobs and a family. So mostly what you'll get from me here is the BUDGET way to do it!

Until next time ~ Belize it!